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Otitis Externa

When to see:

See next available e-clinic (unless facial palsy present)


Investigations to request:

Micro swab (in resistant cases)

CT Petrous Bones (with VII palsy) or in resistant cases

Potential Risks:

Hearing Loss

Ear canal stenosis

Underlying cholesteatoma in persistent cases

Consider necrotizing OE in immunocompromised patients


Aural toilet (microsuction)


Analgesia e.g. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Codeine


1st line ear drops: Topical levofloxacin/ciprofloxacin ear drops 2 drops BD 7/7


IF CANAL STENOSES – insert OTO WICK soaked in ointment/drops


2nd line drops: Sofradex/Gentisone HC


Canesten drops 2 drops TDS 3/52 (in fungal cases)

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